25 Jul 2016

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Saturday 29th October 11am – 2pm

An informative get together to gain information and advice for you, before considering treatment.

11:00- Phillip Coleridge Smith – Internationally renowned varicose veins surgeon

11:30 – Maria Cork – Clinical Nurse Specialist – Vein Specialist – Demonstration of Spider Vein Removal

12:00 – Naomi O’Hara – Semi Permanent Make up Expert – Demonstration of semi – permanent makeup, brows, lips and liner

12:30 – Dr. Vincent Wong – Full facial sculpting with Dermal Fillers

13:00 – Dr Vincent Wong – Non-surgical thread facial lifting with PDO threads

There will also be a chance to discuss all our treatments with our clinical team on the day. Come along, listen, watch and enjoy gaining knowledge!!



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