Many of us want to remove stubborn fat from certain target areas. Inner thighs, upper arms, stomachs, chins, and torsos are common places that draw the spotlight on our insecurities.

At Changes Clinic we offer non-surgical fat reduction treatments available to reduce unwanted fat in your concerned area.

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Our Southampton fat loss specialists provide cutting-edge, non-surgical fat treatments to males and females. Fat reduction treatment is used to remove or reduce stubborn fat that diet and exercise alone cannot remove. The non-surgical surgery changes the shape of the body, making it smoother and more contoured.

If cosmetic surgery fills you with dread or you can't afford the downtime to recover, a minimally-invasive procedure such as Radio Frequency, Aqualyx and Promax Lipo could be the best decision for you.

Non-invasive fat removal treatments are becoming more popular since they have fewer side effects, take less time, and do not require anaesthesia.

These treatments have a high success rate and will leave you feeling like a completely different person!

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  • Promax Lipo

    Promax Lipo is our most popular fat removal treatment in Portsmouth and is a great non surgical liposuction. It works using Ultrasonic Cavitation to break down the fat cells, a Vacuum to...

  • Aqualyx

    Aqualyx is a fat loss injection that is suitable for patients who do not want the more invasive liposuction or laser lipo treatments, who are looking to remove fat from...

  • Radio Frequency

    Radio frequency face and body skin tightening treatment is fantastic for skin tightening after fat reduction treatment or weight loss and will allow you to achieve the body you always...

  • HIFU

    A combination of Radio Frequency Needling and HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound).

  • Deso Fat Reduction Treatment

Women grabbing fat on side of stomach

Why have your fat reduction treatment with Changes Clinic?

At Changes Clinic, we use cutting-edge procedures and highly experianced professional clinicians to ensure that our fat reduction treatments produce outstanding results.

Our fat reduction treatments are less expensive and less invasive than surgery, and they produce spectacular results.

Our skin clinic in Portsmouth is home to some of the best skin clinicians around. Offering a thorough consultation and designing the best fat removal plan for you.

What really sets us out from other skin clinics in Southampton is the aftercare that we offer. We want to ensure that you know what to do in the days following your treatment so you can maximise on the effect.

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    Fat Reduction Treatment

    What are the benefits of non-surgical fat reduction?

    There are many benefits to choosing non-surgical fat reduction treatments including:

    - Non invasive fat reduction procedure with no needles

    - Improves body contour by braking down stubborn fatty areas

    - Improves skin texture

    - Tightens loose and sagging skin

    - Increases blood circulation

    - No downtime after treatment

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