The pigment cells that give your skin its natural colour are called melanocytes.

A mole is simply a cluster of melanocytes which would normally be spread throughout the skin. Most moles are harmless however some can develop into a skin cancer known as malignant melanoma.

Moles can be a variety of colours depending on your skin type. They can also range in size and depth often darkening with sun exposure. If you have noticed a change to your mole in terms of rapid growth, change of or an irregular border, itching or are suspect in any way, please seek medical advice for an assessment.

Your GP can carry out an initial assessment. If however you require your mole to be removed for cosmetic or practical reasons, your GP is often not able to help due to the pressures of our health system. That's when we can help! Our dermatologist will remove or recommend appropriate treatment for any lesion you require.

  • Procedure time

    up to 90 mins

  • Results time

    immediate/healing required

  • Recovery time

    several days

  • Duration of results

    long term

  • Risks

    very low

  • Anaesthetic

    local or topical

Chemical Skin Peel Pricing

Chemical Peel £75

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