FAQs about Vein Removal

FAQs about Vein Removal

How much does varicose veins surgery cost?

It is difficult to give a specific answer but we will try!

Factors influencing the cost of vein removal treatment are:

  • How many veins require treatment?
  • Are multiple treatments required?
  • Do both legs require treatment?
  • Which treatment is selected?

Ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy is the least expensive of the treatment methods. It is certainly convenient. Although there are some disadvantages which must be discussed at your consultation.

Laser (EVLA) is regarded by most surgeons as a “gold standard” if your veins are suitable. Radio-frequency “closure-fast” is more or less equivalent.

Your Surgeon’s level of experience will also count. A newly appointed consultant would usually charge less than a senior experienced surgeon. Our surgeon here at Changes has over 23 years experience of vein removal.

There are other factors which affect the cost but do not influence your care, such as:

  • Clinics in and around London & Surrey will charge higher prices because the running costs of such a clinic are higher.
  • Some private hospitals charge quite a bit for their use as well as the surgeon’s private fees so costs to the patient are higher.
  • In an area of high demand for private medical care, such as London or major cities, prices go up!

The service provided by Changes costs £350 for a comprehensive medical consultation including colour duplex ultrasound scan. Mr Payne, our vascular surgeon, was one of a small group of surgeons involved in the initial development of this assessment method.

The most frequent vein removal treatments are –

  • ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy – £500 per session (one leg is 1 – 2 sessions usually and both legs can often be treated in 3 sessions)
  • laser surgery (EVLT / EVLA) which is £2459 for one leg including phlebectomies and £3689 for both legs

Our service is not the least expensive and is far from being the most but the with the experience of our surgeon, we strive to provide excellent care within a sensible price structure to give you a great varicose vein removal treatment.

We would love to help you. Please get in touch with any further questions or to book an appointment to see Mr Payne, Vascular Surgeon, MB ChB MD FRCS LRSM by emailing reception@changesclinic.co.uk or calling 02392382000.