Remove a variety of minor skin imperfections on the body.

You will usually see results from the first treatment on any lumps or bumps.

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A minor skin imperfection may be causing you discomfort or irritation that makes you want to remove it. Skin imperfections are often not covered by the NHS for practical or cosmetic reasons. We offer same-day consultation and treatment with no long waiting lists to remove your mole, skin tag, milia, cyst, lipoma, seborrheic keratosis, or xanthelasma.


What should I expect from a minor skin treatment?

At a consultation, our doctors and practitioners will inform you of available treatment options and discuss a suitable method. You will be able to ask questions to ensure you leave your appointment with a clear idea of the removal and recovery process as well as cost.

Treatment options include:

  • Sterex Electrolysis - A fine needle is used to remove delicate or small lesions
  • Hyfrecation - Low-powered electrocautery to remove the lesion
  • Laser treatment - Light energy to break down the cells
  • Excision - a small incision using a scalpel which is repaired with stitches. Our practitioners are meticulous about the suture placements to ensure the very best possible outcome and least evidence of treatment

If you’re not sure which route to go down you can discuss it with one of our clinicians.

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  • Mole Removal

    The pigment cells that give our skin its natural colour are called melanocytes & a mole is simply a cluster of melanocytes. Most moles are harmless however some can develop...

  • Cyst Removal

    Cysts are commonly found on the face, neck, body and sometimes around the genitals. A skin cyst is a bump which is just underneath the surface of the skin which...

  • Milia Removal

    Milia is a word for a number of white or yellowish spots sitting just under the surface of the skin. Often seen on babies and known as milk spots, these...

  • Skin Tag Removal

    Skin tags are small, soft, skin-coloured growths on your skin which can vary in colour and size. Anyone can develop skin tags!

  • Lipoma Removal

    A lipoma is a fatty lump that sits between the skin and muscle. It can feel soft, but raised, and they are usually harmless. These lumps under the skin can...

  • Xanthelasma Removal Treatment

    What is Xanthelasma?  Xanthelasma is a condition characterised by white or yellowish deposits of cholesterol that appear on the eyelids and around the eyes. Although the deposits are not harmful,...


Can skin lesions be a sign of something worse?

As a responsible medical practice we will advise you when any lesion that looks problematic should be sent for testing. We may insist on lab testing of skin tissue for some removals to give you peace of mind and reassurance that the removed skin tissue isn't harmful in any way. You will be advised on this procedure when you come for your consultation.

Our team provide trustworthy, affordable treatments with fantastic visual results.

  • Why choose us for your mole or lesion removal?

  • We care about how we remove your skin lesion by offering a range of options and treatments

    Our consultations give you a well-informed look at your options, recovery and healing advice and pricing

    Same-day consultation and treatment is usually available

    Our treatments aim to be affordable since the NHS typically cannot supply these services

    For smaller removals, practitioners can often remove many lumps and bumps in one session

    Our surgeons are meticulous so you get the best outcome and result

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