Wake up with more definition on your eyes, lips or brows without putting on makeup. Imagine stepping into a shower or swimming pool without losing your makeup. That's the dream of permanent makeup (PMU) and microblading procedures.

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What are permanent makeup and microblading?

Applying tattoo ink (pigment) to replicate the look of makeup - also called permanent makeup (PMU). Popular treatments include eyebrow enhancement, eyeliner, and lip colour.

Offering both microblading (using handtool) and PMU (using machine) Changes can offer the optimal technique for the situation.

A permanent makeup artist you trust

Getting permanent makeup treatments from an artist you trust is highly important. Changes Clinic hosts medical artist Naomi O'Hara - an award-winning expert and global trainer with over 17 years' experience. With Naomi and her team there is no doubt that you are in safe hands.

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Meet our leading PMU artist

Your consultation with Naomi O'Hara, our resident PMU specialist, will help you decide on the perfect pigmentation colour, definition, shape, and technique to suit your skin type and features.

You will be advised on the best style to enhance your features and give you a naturally beautiful and effortless look.

Your treatment will begin following your consultation and supplemented by a second session after around six weeks to allow for healing and touch ups.

Get the perfect look for your face

A new brow shape or natural line enhancement

More definition with eyeliner or eyelash enhancement

Areola reconstruction, nipple reconstruction, enlargement or reduction

Medical tattooing to cover cars

Lip tattooing with blush and/or liner

Micropigmentation on the scalp to give density and make hair look thicker


Changes Clinic often corrects or removes pre-existing PMU or microblading treatments conducted by other artists. We correct 1 in 5 of our PMU and microblading clients' eyebrows before starting fresh with our own treatments.

If you dislike your original brows or notice them change colour, you will inevitably need PMU correction or removal. Some eyebrows change to orange, blue, grey, or purple due to pigment changes in the skin or due to a lack of knowledge from the original artist.

We can correct or remove past mistakes so that your eyebrows match beautifully to your hair, skin, and eyes.

Can eyebrow microblading be corrected?

Many of our clients had their brows done many years ago before we had a greater understanding of how skin tone, ink brands, and ink absorption affected results. There are also cases where brows are too close or too far apart. They may even be too big for the case.

When the shape, colour, or symmetry of your brows are not their best, Changes Clinic can help. We fix unwanted PMU with highly effective correction or removal techniques.

Laser or salt/saline solutions lift old ink to the surface, ready to be reapplied professionally again.

Correction or removal of tattooed brows?

Existing pigmentation can be corrected or completely removed if needed. We can provide both pigment adjustment and removal. Your best options will be determined at your consultation where you will be provided with professional advise and the ability to voice concerns.

Naomi O'Hara, a leading PMU artist and the Training Director of The Clinical Academy will use her expert knowledge and Perma Blend pigments to give you perfect brows, eyeliner, lip colour, or areola. Naomi can even work on your scalp or fix scars.

  • Experts in Permanent Makeup Correction

  • Naomi O'Hara has over 15 years of experience in permanent makeup and microblading and she's exceptional at treating either. Naomi has even developed her own range of quality tattoo pigments that are optimally designed for brows.

    Naomi's brow pigments are available for all skin tones and types. With a range of choices, we can guarantee our treatments will be right for you.

  • What is Micropigmentation?

    Permanent Makeup (PMU) is also known as semi-permanent makeup or micro-pigmentation. It uses the same process of applying pigment to the skin as a tattoo does. The goal of PMU is to change the shape or size of your brows to perfectly compliment your unique face and features.

  • What’s the difference between Microblading and Permanent Makeup?

    In principle, they're the same. Microblading insert pigment to the skin using a hand tool but permanent makeup inserts pigment using a needle. Both can achieve the same pigmentation results. However, one method could be better than another depending on where it is applied.

  • Why have my microbladed eyebrows changed colour?

    Cheap pigments or mixing pigments incorrectly can both cause brows to change colour over time. It's possible for the pigment to be inserted too deep in the skin, resulting in a cooler shade of pigment than intended. Pigments should never be black because they will show up blue, for example.

  • Do I need to refresh faded Semi Permanent Makeup?

    Any coloured pigments or permanent makeup treatments are likely to fade over time as cells age or are exposed to the elements. Semi-permanent makeup may need to be refreshed every 1-5 years with a new round of treatment.

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