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We are NHS approved for 10 years, and we are an NHS recommended partner and supplier of medical treatments for trans people. Our gender transition treatments can help you feel more confident in your body towards the end of your transitioning journey. We are discreet, trusted, caring and local.
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 We can help with your gender transition and preparation.

Trans and non-binary people due to undergo gender reassignment surgery or already have can use laser hair removal, intense pulsed light (IPL) and medical tattooing as part of their process.

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  • Hair Removal Treatments

    Hair reduction can be achieved by a laser or intense pulsed light (IPL) method that absorbs pigment in the hair follicles. Light energy heats the pigment and destroys cells in the follicle...

  • Medical Tattooing

    If you have been in the position of needing a mastectomy and subsequently require areola reconstruction, or you have scars on your face or body which you would like to...


NHS Approved

We have been NHS approved for over 10 years, assisting people in their gender transition treatments and enabling them to feel more confident in their body.

We have been a CQC audited and approved clinic for over 9 years, and all staff are qualified to at least VTCT level 3. Some staff are nurses, and all have been trained on the manufacturer's equipment.


  • Changes Clinic is committed to being a safe place for LGBTQ+ people. Our experts, practitioners, doctors, and surgeons will work with you to provide the best quality of life enhancing treatments for you.

    As an NHS partnered provider, we provide you with well-informed advice and professional service in a convenient location for you.

    Following your hormone treatment and gender reassignment surgery, we can begin hair removal or medical tattoo processes.

    We understand that physical transformations are an important aspect of gender transition along with hormone therapy which can have a huge positive impact on your mental health.

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