Repair your earlobes if they have been stretched, torn or split from wearing heavy or damaging ear jewellery.
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Stretched or ripped earlobes are surprisingly common and many people get them fixed as a result.

Earlobes can become damaged from wearing certain jewellery like heavy earrings, spacers, or tribal ear piercings. These types of adornments can weigh down on the lobes, creating long slits or large holes that can't be repaired without surgery.

Restore confidence in your stretched, torn or split earlobes by undergoing an earlobe treatment.

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How it works

Earlobe repair is a straightforward, minor surgical procedure. Our expert consultants can close enlarged holes, mend tears, and reshape lobes to leave you feeling confident.

You will always start with a consultation so we can better understand your needs and goals for treatment.

The procedure

On the day, you will be numbed with a local anaesthetic before your surgeon works the area.

Avoiding scarring cannot always be guaranteed but your surgeon will pay special attention to minimise this and aim to give you the most aesthetic results.

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