My Plasma Skin Tightening Journey

My Plasma Skin Tightening Journey

A pioneering treatment, Plasma skin tightening is a revolutionary, non-surgical treatment able to shrink and lift loose skin. With the ability to instantly flatten and reduce wrinkles within the skin, our very own Sarah Dunn from Changes Clinical has decided to share her Plasma Skin Tightening journey. To discover if Plasma Skin Tightening is right for you, keep reading to see Sarah’s experience for yourself. 

Leading up to my decision

None of us likes ageing, we try our best to fight the inevitable but we won’t go down without a fight right? I’m 47 and happy with my skin in general. I have the odd fillers here and there to try and plump my skin a little and that helps. However, my main worry has always been my loose skin on my eyelids. I can’t afford upper bleph surgery so Plasma Skin Tightening was the next best thing. I’d seen some amazing before and after results from other patients so decided to take the plunge. Albeit hesitantly!


Day of Treatment

Around 20 minutes before I had my Plasma Skin Tightening treatment the area was numbed and I was given a number of medical consent forms to fill in, all the while, thinking to myself, what the hell am I doing! When I was called in, I was given a full consultation and went through the medical questionnaire I had completed to make sure there were no contraindications or incorrect answers. The practitioner listened to my areas of concern and looked at my eyelids and skin closely.

The practitioner also explained that the method she would use, she would be able to heal and tighten the skin in the areas that I wanted her to treat. She did say I may need more than one treatment but everyone is different and a review in a couple of weeks would show the results of the Plasma Skin Tightening. She also noticed a line/wrinkle I had on one side of my head from my eye line and said she would treat this too as was an easy fix. 

I was feeling a little apprehensive, yet slightly excited for my treatment as I lay there on the couch with my eyes closed. The practitioner cleansed the area that was to be treated before asking if I was ready to proceed with my Plasma treatment.


The Plasma Skin Tightening Treatment 

I wasn’t prepared for the sensation experienced throughout the procedure. If you were wondering whether plasma skin tightening hurt, I am not going to sugar coat it, but plasma skin tightening hurts. I thought that the numbing solution would have worked more. But the face is a sensitive area and the only thing that counteracted this was that the procedure was over really quickly. 

After the treatment had been completed and I was ready to sit up, I was handed the mirror. Not sure what to expect,  the results were nowhere near as bad as what I had thought it would be. The small dots on my face from the plasma skin tightening were still a little white as they were fresh and the area that was treated was only slightly red. I was amazed that I wasn’t walking out looking like I’d had a fight with a cat! 

To describe the after effect to those who have not experienced a plasma skin tightening experience, it can be compared to a sunburnt feeling, I felt I had got away pretty unscathed. So much so my friend actually asked what area I had the plasma skin tightening done when I left Changes Clinic

By the evening the sunburn sensation had vanished and the after effects were only a slight swelling.  I was pleased with this and wondered what all the talk and online discussions about a long healing time were all about! 

To keep the treated area as dry as possible, I choose not to shower that night, instead using an aftercare cleansing solution that I had bought as per the practitioner’s recommendations. 

  Immediately After Plasma Skin Tightening Treatment


The Day After the Treatment 

I woke up and immediately sensed that I had some swelling. My eyelids were swollen and pockets of fluid had developed on the inner lids next to where the treatment area had taken place. I cleansed and put on my SPF.  As the day progressed, the swelling underneath my eyes developed (apparently this is quite normal) making me look like I’d gone a couple of rounds with Mike Tyson!

If I were to give any advice to those considering plasma skin tightening, it would be to hide away and stay at home on day 2! Plan your treatment around your life where you can take a couple of days to yourself and not leave the house. It’s kind of a good excuse to have some me time.

However, by the evening this fluid swelling had pretty much disappeared. I thought it would be there for days, but was pleased that it had disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. It felt loads better too. The under eye swelling had also gone down a little. I showered being really careful not to get the area wet and cleansed again before going to bed not knowing what the next day would bring!


Day 3 of Plasma Skin Tightening Treatment

I woke up on the morning of Day 3 pleased about how I looked. With only a slight swelling underneath my eye bags which were virtually invisible  by the end of the day. I could see the dots were starting to scab over as they had got a little darker. Still a bit too early to see any results, but I was just happy not to look as swollen as I had like the day before. My children didn’t even mention how I looked either, which is always a good sign as they are always quick to point these things out! Each day the swelling changes so much from the morning to the end of the day, which is why I’ve made sure I’ve added photo, so you can see just how much they change. 

Day 3 AM


Day 3 PM







Day 5

No swelling for the last couple of days and just a few small scabs. They are a little darker today as they have healed and I have been using my dry healing balm morning and night, as well as, SPF during the day. I’ve also witnessed minimal itching, which surprised me, so haven’t had to use and additional healing balm at all. 


Day 7

This morning whilst gently washing my face the small scabs just came away. I didn’t need to rub at all and pretty much all came off except the odd couple. Not even a week and the healing has completely gone full circle. As much as I hated the day after the plasma skin tightening, the fact that in less than a week, there is no sign that the treatment had taken place, makes me feel much better about completing the procedure. 

The icing on the cake was that 7 days after my plasma skin tightening procedure, someone even said that I looked really well and ‘fresh’. Something that I haven’t been called in years, making my experience of the Plasma Skin Tightening worthwhile. To anyone else seeking an instant face lift, I would wholeheartedly recommend Plasma Skin Tightening treatment.