New Wellness Treatments at Changes

New Wellness Treatments at Changes

Are you feeling rundown, lethargic and not quite yourself recently? Do you suffer with hair loss, weight management, sleep and mental health issues?
At Changes we want to look after you not only on the outside but also on the inside, which is why we’ve created a new holistic and wellness service to help take care of you as whole. From bio-scanning a single strand of hair, we’ll be able to tell you what your body truly needs and create you a unique package that helps to rebalance and restore your body’s natural state of wellbeing.

This package is perfect for those who might not be looking or ready for cosmetic enhancements but would love to get to know their bodies on a deeper level and experience pure relaxation. We want to enhance your existing beauty in a more natural way from the inside out, through nutritional advice and complementary therapies in the form of Reflexology we’ll be able to help you feel like YOU again.



We’ll take a single strand of hair and perform and in-depth analysis of your body’s DNA, we’ll be able to tell what might be the cause of your ongoing condition or illness and get to root of your problems. This could be anything from your triggering factors for stress, to deficiencies you may have in your diet, our specialist will discuss with you nutritional supplements and how these can help improve your condition and share your information with our Reflexologist in order to create a treatment plan that works for you.



Reflexology has been used throughout centuries to help with a wide range of mental and physical ailments. It is a massage technique of applying gentle pressure to the reflexes of the feet to bring about a deep state of relaxation, in doing so it stimulates the body’s own healing processes and helps return you to a state of balance and wellbeing.

It is believed that the body is mapped out on the hands and feet and that each organ can be associated with a reflex point in the zones of these limbs. When a reflex is congested it stops the body’s flow of energy and can lead to lowered immunity and therefore illness. Reflexology seeks to rid this congestion and increase the body’s circulation to help boost the immune system.

Amongst other amazing benefits, reflexology is a great complementary therapy for anyone suffering with mental health conditions, insomnia, or looking to help cope with incidences of pain from injury or illness.