Thread Lifting, PDO Threads & Non Surgical Face Lifts

Thread Lifting, PDO Threads & Non Surgical Face Lifts

What is a thread lift facial?

Threads can be used to lift areas of your face such as jowls, eyes, cheeks, brows and neck, and sometimes other parts of the body. They are an aesthetic treatment carried out by a trained medic to lift and tighten your skin.

How much is a non surgical thread lift?

The price of a non surgical face lift with threads with vary on which threads are used and how many. Prices at Changes Clinic start at:

PDO mono threads (Dermaspring) x 10 £400 for undereye and eye areas to reduce puffiness, lines & dark circles

PDO mono threads x 10 £400 for all facial areas

PDO cog threads x 4 £650 in particular great for marionette lines, nasolabial lines, jowls, neck, brow and cheeks

PDO cog threads x 6 £850

What are threads made of?

Threads are made of biodegradable polymers which are naturally absorbed by the body. They have been used for many years in the repair of the body after surgical procedures. They are a stitches (sometimes known as sutures) and are safe and clinically tested.

How does a thread lift facial work?

There are many types of threads. Some are known as mono threads; single threads with no barbs or cogs. These are are placed into areas of your face or body to stimulate collagen and elastin. When your body recognises the presence of the thread, it goes into repair or regeneration mode in that area, thus stimulating collagen and elastin. This is a form of controlled damage to cause mild trauma and stimulate regenerative action from our body. Very simply, as a result of this, the skin tightens.

Some threads have cogs placed along them. The cogs cause further ‘controlled damage’ and can also help to give more lift. Other threads have tiny barbs placed at intervals and again, cause more lifting to the area. During the repair process around the suture, the tissue ‘knits’ to the new skin placement. So, as the thread lifts the skin, so it remains in place during the repair process which ultimately gives you some mild face lifting.

Why are many threads sometimes used during a facial thread lift?

When more threads are used, more lift or stimulation of collagen can be created.

Are PDO threads safe?

The medical industry has been using polydioxinone for many years to stitch our bodies back in place, so yes, PDO threads are safe and clinically tested. They are made from a biodegradable polymer.

How long does a PDO non surgical facelift last?

PDO non surgical facelifts usually last for 8 months or more. It won’t stop the ageing clock but they can slow it down by giving you skin tightening and lifting as a result of treatment.

What is the recovery time for a PDO non surgical facelift?

Recovery time is fairly minimal for this treatment. The treatment itself is relatively discomfort free because there is an initial injection of lidocaine to the area. After that you are numb. The treatment is carried out and the numbing wears off. There may be a little bruising (although I didn’t have any) and there may be some soreness for a few days. Other than that, it’s a great treatment with practically no downtime!