A fabulous new treatment for face & neck to bring radiant & hair free skin.

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A highly effective exfoliation procedure, dermaplaning involves the removal of the topmost layer of dead skin and vellus hair (or peach fuzz, the tiny baby hairs) on a person’s face.

Using a surgical scalpel, dead layers of skin & fine vellus hair are removed. Many benefits including reduction of acne scarring, up to 60% additional penetration of skin care products as well as ease of make up application.

The skin feels rejuvenated and smoother afterwards. A sterile surgical scalpel is used for the procedure similar to shaving. Once the skin is properly prepped it is scraped using a blade held at a 45 degree angle. At Changes Clinic our technicians are fully qualified for the procedure, making it totally safe for both men and women to be dermaplaned.

  • Procedure time

    around 30 mins

  • Results time


  • Recovery time


  • Duration of results


  • Risks


  • Anaesthetic

    not required

Is dermaplaning suitable for all skin types?

Dermaplaning treatments are suited for most skin types including dry skin. However skin with acne (grade 3 and above) should not be dealt with. Breakouts should be clear before any treatment is done.

Moreover, it is not advised to have the treatment on excessively oily skin. If the oil has no hairs to cling to the oil appearance will worsen. Pores can thus be blocked.

The treatment in the skincare clinic should not be carried out on the following people:

cancer patients

people with blood conditions

people with uncontrolled diabetes

people with Roaccutane

people with sunburn or windburn

For people with cold sores, the dermaplaning professional will use gloves.

  • Benefits of Dermaplaning

  • Smoother skin (texture is improved)

    Removal of vellus hair

    Skin allows deeper and more effective penetration of skincare products

    For women makeup will have the tendency to glide on the skin instead of having a powdery effect

    Skin breathes better

    Acne scars are diminished

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