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Also referred to as Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA), it is a new method of laser treatment for removing varicose veins, safely removing the varicose veins without the need for surgery. An EVLA procedure involves heating the veins with a laser to safely remove them. The heat from the laser destroys the walls surrounding the varicose veins. The treated veins are then absorbed by the body.

Regain your body with confidence, and remove varicose veins for good. All treatment and consultations involving EVLA varicose vein removal are carried out at Changes Clinic and are conducted by our experienced and skilled surgeons.

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  • Procedure time

    Up to 60 mins

  • Results time

    A couple of weeks depending on patient

  • Recovery time

    An hour or so, then a couple of weeks

  • Duration of results


  • Risks


  • Anaesthetic


  • Consultation

    The first stage of removal is assessment of your area of concern. You will be able to meet with our surgeon who can answer any questions, assess what treatment is needed based on colour duplex ultrasound scanning, during your consultation.

    Your doctor may suggest another type of treatment. Sclerotherapy is another successful, less invasive solution for treating Varicose veins.

  • Vein Removal Procedure

    Your surgeon will, with the use of ultrasound, place a catheter into your vein using a needle and wire.

    With a laser fibre positioned in the catheter, the area will be heated using the laser. The laser will then be drawn along the length of the vein in order to completely close it.

    Both the catheter and the laser will be removed from the vein before a dressing is added to the needle puncture.

  • Aftercare

    After your prcoedure, we do not recommend driving. The minimum time before you can drive again is 24 hours.

    Following the procedure, your doctor will wrap your legs in bandages. These bandages can be removed after a few days and swapped for compression stockings. Surgical stockings are worn for 2 weeks during the healing process.

Meet your skilled and specialist EVLA Surgeon.

Conducting this Varicose Vein Treatment at Changes Clinic is Vascular and General Surgeon Simon Payne. Skilled and highly trained, Simon studied Medicine in the Leicester University Medical School and trained in general and vascular surgery at Oxford University associated hospitals.

Following his training, Simon then went on to set up a vascular laboratory at Leicester where he conducted vital research into the functions of veins, this resulted in him being awarded a Doctorate in Medicine.

With years of experience, there is no one more suited to conducting Varicose Vein Removal. With a keen eye for detail, Simon Payne is a respected EVLA surgeon by both his colleagues and his patients.


What are the benefits of EVLA for varicose veins?

• Walk in and walk out
• No time lost being away from work or normal daily duties
• Pain free
• Relatively quick healing time - 2 days in bandages, then 14 days in
surgical stockings
• No unsightly legs. Be free to show your legs again!
• Rid yourself of the discomfort of varicose veins
• For male and female patients

Before the procedure

Please do not use any oil or moisturiser on your legs when you come in for your procedure as your Specialist Surgeon will need to mark your veins with surgical skin marking pen.

Please wear loose clothing that will accommodate you being bandaged, so that you are comfortable when you go home.

The area being treated will be painted with an antiseptic solution numbed using a local anaesthetic where the Surgeon will insert the laser.

You are welcome to eat as normal before an EVLA treatment as it is much easier for you to be relaxed if you are not hungry.

After The Procedure

Straight after your procedure, we do not recommend driving due to the local anaesthetic. We recommend arranging a lift, walking or public transport.

You will be pleased to note that after EVLA treatment the healing time is incredibly short with patients recommended to continue walking throughout healing. It is highly recommended that you stay mobile, to reduce your likelihood of DVT and stiffness. Walking every day for at least 1 minute will also help reduce swelling and bruising.

However, heavy physical activity, such as aerobics and running, is not recommended for up to 2 weeks after your treatment.

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