A lipoma is a fatty lump that sits between the skin and muscle. It can feel soft, but raised, and they are usually harmless. These lumps under the skin can show through clothing, they can grow larger and begin to ache due to the weight, hence why we offer removal.

Rule out liposarcoma

It is very rare for lipomas to develop into a cancerous lump, but we will send every lipoma removal to the lab to rule out Liposarcoma. The procedure is inclusive of histology, both you and your GP will receive a full report.

Lipomas are removed via a small incision, and our expert surgeons and doctors carry out this practice with minimal scarring.

Once the removal is complete, it is extremely rare for lipomas to reoccur in the same spot.

  • Procedure time

    30 - 90 mins

  • Results time


  • Recovery time

    several days

  • Duration of results


  • Risks


  • Anaesthetic

    local if required

Chemical Skin Peel Pricing

Chemical Peel £75

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