Plasma is a revolutionary technology for skin tightening using plasma (formed through ionisation of atmospheric gases) to stimulate & contract the skin, causing tightening. This treatment is carried out without invasion of the skin with instruments: no cutting, injecting, burning or removing of skin or tissue. Plasma flows stimulate tissue formation of new collagen, elastin fibres, improve sun damaged skin, level wrinkles and the skin surface. Great for any skin or area needing correction for scarring (body), laxity, hyper pigmentation, fine lines & wrinkling around the navel.

  • Procedure time

    up to 1 hour

  • Results time

    a few weeks

  • Recovery time

    several days

  • Duration of results

    long term

  • Risks


  • Anaesthetic


Removal Pricing

Hair Removal with Sterex

Milia Removal 

£99, £197 or £296 depending on time spent. We remove as many as possible in the time given


 Skin Tag Removal £99, £197 or £296 depending on time spent. We remove as many as possible in the time given


Lesion removal with our resident surgeon:

Price is dependent on number of removals and whether histology is required

Consultation £50

Any mole, lipoma, or cyst removal:
1 lesion removal £400 - £475
2 lesion removals £475 - £595 
3 lesion removals £575 - £715
4 lesion removals £675 - £825
5 lesion removals £775 - £945

Large Lipoma removal

Bespoke price quoted on consultation


Qualified practitioner use of IPL for:

Hyper Pigmentation/dark spots
Broken veins/capillary
Acne scarring 

£99, £150 or £200 (as advised at consultation)

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