Plasma skin tightening treatments are a hugely popular non-surgical solution, that avoids having to cut away excess skin with invasive cosmetic surgery.

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A pioneering treatment technology that provides a non-surgical solution for the tightening and lifting of loose or wrinkled skin.

Here at Changes Clinic we use the well respected Plasma Elite brand to deliver our outstanding results.

Tiny pulses of plasmatic lightning produced by the probe used during the treatment, cause the surrounding skin area to contract. These contractions tighten the treatment area and leave you with rejuvenated, natural, younger looking skin.

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  • Procedure time

    around 30 mins

  • Results time

    Visible straight away/within the first couple of days

  • Recovery time

    Minimal - The skin can take a couple of days to heal, depending on the treatment area

  • Duration of results


  • Risks

    No risks

  • Anaesthetic

    Numbing cream available

Benefits of Plasma skin treatment

• Reduce excess skin
• Tighten and lift eyelids
• Tighten the under eye area
• Treat crows feet
• Combat smokers lines or lines around the mouth
• Reduce scar tissue
• Tighten the neck and decolletage areas

Treatment areas

Upper and Lower Lids – Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty

Lips (smoker’s lines)

Crow’s Feet





Stomach (crepey skin texture)

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