Want to wake up with subtle make up? Brows, eyeliner, lips or perhaps a beauty spot to last for up to 4 years. Naomi O'Hara, has 12 years' experience delivering micro pigmentation to the face. As a national trainer she is highly respected so be assured you're in safe hands!

You will receive an initial consultation to decide on pigment colour, shape & technique (micro blading type effect to give a fine hair stroke or otherwise). Two treatments then follow: your initial treatment followed by a review & possible "top up" if required after about 6 weeks. Reshape your brow, define your eyes or create a fuller or more luscious lip!

  • Procedure time

    up to 90 mins

  • Results time

    immediate/healing required

  • Recovery time

    several days

  • Duration of results

    several years

  • Risks

    very low

  • Anaesthetic


Chemical Skin Peel Pricing

Chemical Peel £75

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