Skin tags are small, soft, skin-coloured growths on your skin which can vary in colour and size. Anyone can develop skin tags!


Skin Tags can be more prone with hormone changes (such as pregnancy) but some people develop them for no real reason. Skin tags can tend to grow where skin rubs against skin or clothing. This would explain why they also tend to affect people or younger children who have excess folds of skin and skin chafing.


Removal is straightforward and carried out by our doctors and trained practitioners. Skin tags can be easily removed with hyfrecation which works by emitting low-power, high-frequency, high-voltage AC electrical or Sterex Electrolysis.  If they’re larger, they can also be surgically taken off after numbing the area.  The method & price will be quoted during your consultation as it will depend on where the skin tag is & what size.  Some larger skin tags are removed and need stitches to close the area for healing.  Others are quick and easy and we can achieve multiple removals in a short time.  Whatever removal or size,we ensure there is no discomfort for you.



We remove skin tags from all areas, but commonly they are found on the:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Underarms
  • Ears
  • Abdomen
  • Perianal area or genitals. 

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  • Procedure time

    up to 60 mins

  • Results time


  • Recovery time

    healing period of days

  • Duration of results


  • Risks

    very low

  • Anaesthetic


Skin Tag & Milia Solution

When we’re removing little tags and milia we work on a time basis.  This means we will remove as many as we can in 15 minute intervals starting at £99.  Skin tags can be caused by friction with clothing – particularly around collars, underwear and bra lines or anywhere on the body.  Removal is usually quick and straightforward and removed with Sterex, which is a very find needle which separates them from your skin.  You hardly feel a thing!

If skin tags are larger they may need stitches.  In this case, you’d be treated by our resident surgeon.   This is a little more expensive as we charge for a consultation (£50) and removal is £450 as they will be sent to pathology for assessment.  Larger skin tags of the size needing minor surgical removal are often placed around the genital and peri-anal areas.

Skin tags, milia - £99 per 15 minutes    

Volume removal, time based


Skin Tag Removal pricing

Condition Consultation Fee Removal & Pathology
Mole Removal £75

No Histology:
£400 for 1
£520 for 2
£640 for 3
£760 for 4
£880 for 5
£120 for every extra lesion without histology

With Histology:
£475 for 1
£615 for 2
£755 for 3
£895 for 4
£1035 for 5
£140 for extra lesions with histology

Cysts £75

No Histology:
£400-500 depending on size.

To be quoted at the consultation

Lipoma £100

No Histology:
£500-1650 depending on size.

To be quoted at the consultation

Xanthelasma £100 from £450

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